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Water Treatment Plant

With rapid urbanization and ailing water treatment establishments of local bodies of cities, clean drinking water is a rare resource to come by. Moreover, cases of contamination of ground water with high levels of arsenic, lead, iron, fluoride, etc., are common in most parts of India, specially affecting villages. We at MLK Waste Management have developed customized and low cost solutions for all these problems with easy to operate, prefabricated and modular Water Treatment Plants. These serve as a lifeline to the villages of the country and also to independent residential complexes which are not connected to municipal water supply grid or even if are, receive mediocre quality of potable water.

The plants consume a single pump meaning the energy requirement for producing potable water is significantly lower compared to its peers. For villages, where there is shortage of electricity, the power to the treatment plant is supplied by no-maintenance solar cells, if the desire be.

Our offerings include

  • Sand and Multi-Grade Filtration Plants (MGF)
  • Sand and Activated Charcoal Filtration Plants (MGF and ACF)
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Plants
  • Water Softener Plants

Each plant above has its own significance and is chosen for a site depending on the quality of influent and the quality of effluent desired.



Solar cells being installed for RW-WTP
Treatment system with storage tanks
RW - Water Treatment Plant



Schematic diagram of RW-WTP



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