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Partner With Us

Partner With Us

India is facing a perfect storm in managing water. Centuries of mismanagement, political and institutional incompetence, indifference at central, state and municipal levels, a steadily increasing population that will reach an estimated 1.7 billion by 2050, and a rapidly mushrooming middle class demanding an increasingly protein-rich diet that requires significantly more water to produce— together, these are leading the country towards disaster. On top of that, there is an absence of serious and sustained attempts at the central or state levels to manage water quantity and quality, a lack of implementation of existing laws and regulations, and pervasive corruption and poor adoption rates of new and cost-effective technologies.

Some reports even go on to suggest that the potable water could be depleted in India by 2022.

MLK Waste Management through its organic, anaerobic treatment systems claim to treat wastewater in the most efficient and nature friendly way suiting the Indian conditions. The energy requirement is low and the human intervention in day to day operations is minimal bringing down the Operation and Maintenance costs significantly.

You can help us spread the word, spread the treatment techniques in your area - let’s say for a hospital nearby, or for a township, a hotel by writing to us and partnering with us. You can write us at –

Read more here on why there is an alarming need for water restoration and recycling in India :