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Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants

Recycle Water, venture of MLK Waste Management, is growing as a new stop for the customized effluent treatment plants for industries in Central India. These effluent treatment plants are used to reduce the potential for pollution and to comply with discharge consent conditions.

An effluent treatment plant utilizes different technologies and processes for treatment of the wastewater. They can be streamlined for physiochemical treatment and biological treatment followed by tertiary treatment, making the water suitable for any non-potable activity. Integrated functions with user friendly control makes the operation much easier as compared to the previous models.

We at MLK also customize these effluent treatment plants based on the specific requirements of the clients.

There are various ways of treatment. The toxic components have to be eliminated first for which Physiochemical wastewater treatment is a frequently used technique. It is applied for the removal of heavy metals, oil and grease, suspended matter and organic & inorganic components which are difficult to decompose, non-polar organic substances, toxic pollutants or high salt concentrations, phosphorus.

The physicochemical wastewater treatment techniques are used as pre-treatment, final treatment as well as specific treatment for wastewater reuse as process water. The other techniques involve aeration, sedimentation and filtration before disinfection.

We currently possess treatment techniques for the following sector of Industries:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Car Wash Centres
  • Textile Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Paper and Pulp Industry



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