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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) + Aquaponics

Growing population in the World and India has put increasing stress on the agricultural sector to cope up with food security and nutrient security concerns. With Fisheries gaining popularity as an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients in the country, natural habitats like oceans, rivers, dams, of the fish have been affected drastically. An alternate to natural habitat fishing is rearing fish in controlled environments like Ponds, Tanks. MLK has developed unique solution for increasing Fish Densities by employing our Recirculating Aquaculture Treatment Systems (MLK-RAS) in Earthen Ponds, Ponds lined with geomembranes, small fish tanks, etc.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing a RAS plant superior to other RAS systems in terms of better efficiency and lower operation and maintenance expenses. MLK RAS runs both on pumps and on gravity leading to lower dependency on machine, in turn power requirement.

We have seen high output rate with a quick growth of fishes with our customers. Warm water fishes are more suited for growth in RAS. Different types of fishes can be grown ranging from Carps, Pangasious, Striped bass, Tilapia, Singhi, Pabda, Fresh water Prawns and Shrimps, etc. RAS reduces the water consumption to upto 95% when compared with the standard process of fish farming and also reduces the area requirement by upto 80%.

With our MLK-RAS system, we have clubbed soil-less farming, Aquaponics, with great success. Fish waste is natural food source for plants and growing them directly in the downstream of our treatment systems gives Organic, chemical free produce. Moreover, in Aquaponics, farmers can get 3 times the produce and 90% less water is required to cultivate the same amount of vegetables and fruits as compared to soil-based farming.

Our efforts have been acknowledged by the National Fisheries Development Board, India (NFDB) by recognising us as consultants for RAS in India. Please find the certificate here.

Key Features of MLK-RAS

  • Intensive aquaculture with upto 99% water recycling
  • Capability of producing fish in densities of 100 Kg per cubic metre
  • Efficiency of produce of upto 150 Kg per square metre of land area per year
  • Monitoring and control of critical parameters in the RAS Plant:
    • Dissolved Oxygen in biofilter and fish tanks
    • Flow rate from pumps
    • Temperature of water in fish tanks
    • Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates
    • Fish tank water levels
  • Complete automation with alarms and mobile alert systems for brisk crisis management
  • Energy saving/optimization according to fish sizes & feed rates
  • Power Failure mitigation measures like dissipation of Oxygen directly in fish tanks in case of complete power failure
  • Our systems allow for complete recovery of nutrients produced in the process like fish waste for manure/fertilizers
  • Reduced or Minimal environmental impact
  • Great Returns for the farmer, maximum produce per unit area
Prefab Fish Tank - RAS site in Indore
Schematic Diagram of RAS
Drum filter being installed
Our team at Bhopal RAS site
Pond type fish tanks in Bhopal



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