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Water Treatment Plant


MLK Waste Management also is a one stop shop for tool or accessory related to wastewater treatment. The following are the items which MLK Waste Management produces or manufactures in its facility.


Packaged Treatment Plants

All the different types of Sewage and Effluent treatment plants MLK offers can be drawn into prefabricated MS Tanks lined inside with heavy duty FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) with a warranty between 15-25 years. Prefabricated tanks may be costlier than the conventional RCC work but offer more robustness and durability to the treatment system.

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Oil and Grease Trap

Oil and Grease traps are used for trapping and collecting oil, grease, solid materials and other kinds of insoluble items flowing in wastewater coming especially from kitchen, laundry and industrial sources. These are usually positioned before the septic tanks or (Sewage Treatment Plants) STPs in order to increase their effectiveness.

MLK offers design solutions for Oil and Grease Traps and also manufactures and installs prefabricated ones made of FRP / HDPE, if need be, offering more strength and life to the structure compared to conventional RCC tanks.

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Solution for Non-working Treatment Plants

MLK offers services where non-working wastewater treatment plants of both aerobic and anaerobic nature can be restored. The process requires survey and water testing where the root problem is identified after which the solution to the problem alone is offered without causing any disruption to the other elements of the plant.

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Sand Filters / Activated Charcoal Filters

Pressure sand filters and activated charcoal filters can be manufactured in either FRP or MS from sizes 0.5 m3 / hr to 100 m3 / hr depending on the requirement. Filters come with pressure gauges, internal piping and media only. Services also come in the form of installation of filters at the site, if required. MLK executives are also available anytime to help figure out the size of filters.

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Softener Plants

Softener plants of capacities 500 litres per day to 50,000 litres per day, for both industrial and commercial use are also supplied by MLK.

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Bacterial Culture

The most important element to running a plant successfully is the bacterial culture. It is the heart and soul of the entire treatment. Any fluctuation in the working of bacterial culture can be directly observed in the quality of treated water produced by the system. At our laboratory, we cultivate the bacterial colony for both aerobic and anaerobic plants, which when mixed with wastewater under suitable conditions* can activate a plant.

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"ReWA which stands for Apparatus for rectification of water, is a frugal, prefabricated tank meant for single household which purifies boring or river water into potable. It was designed under Narmada Samagra Yojana for villages."

To see the list of projects completed, click here.
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Floating Decanter for water transfer

We are also among the very few agencies which manufacture fine quality floating decanters which run on the principle of siphon and buoyancy. The decanter is made of Stainless Steel and sustains in wastewater. The item is generally used in SBR type of STP.

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Drum Filter

Drum filter is used for filtering suspended items in the water where a fine membrane of any size of fixed on a rotating wheel which is turned by a low power consuming motor. The circular motion of the membrane separates water from suspended items. Common use of a drum filter is in the fields of Sewage Treatment Plant, Fish Farming under RAS, Industrial uses, etc.

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Oxygen Cones

Oxygen Cones are used to induce high amount of oxygen in stationery or running water. The amount of oxygen to be added depends upon the oxygen generator which powers these cones. But generally, oxygen can be added upto 25 ppm at 1 barG of pressure. Common application of oxygen cones is Fish Farming. It could be used for both tank-styled fish tanks and pond like fish tanks.

Our Oxygen Cones are made of Stainless Steel which give it more life and strength compared to cones made of fibre, Mild Steel.

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