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Lake and Pond Restoration

Since ancient times, lakes and ponds have been the epicentre of Rain water harvesting programs. They were the only sources of fresh water for a large population in India. Due to rapid urbanization and careless planning, these sources have been rendered unusable for all household purposes. We are making efforts to restore lakes and ponds to their former health and life. Our approach towards lake restoration is a 2 fold sustainable intervention: stopping any waste water entering the lakes, and in-lake treatment.


I. Waste water treatment of influent nallahs :

  • Intercepting incoming nallahs and removing all pollutants and nutrients from it
  • Technologies used are DEWATS-Vortex, SBR, INORGANICA


II. In-Lake Treatment :

  • We remove organic and inorganic suspended solids from the lake to improve clarity of water using aeration and flocculation methods
  • Nutrients for example, soluble and insoluble phosphorous from lake sediments and water are removed to prevent eutrophication in the lake
  • Algae, water hyacinth etc, which block the sunlight from entering the lake, are removed with the help of machines
  • Silt removal from the lake bed to prevent further phosphorous leaching from the sediments
  • Introducing fishes with cleaning capabilities of lakes for natural rejuvenation


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